Welcome to my the Pekenian dictionary!(still under construction)

This will teach you how to speak the Pekenian language.

lesson 1: hello world!

like in coding tutorials, the first step to speak Phercian is hello world

hello is 'olle', world is 'munde', so 'olle munde!'

lesson 2: questions

here are the question words:

who: wem

what: werg

which: wui

where: wento

why: wuero

when: whome

now that you (kinda) know how to ask questions, now how to answer them with yes or no?

well yes is "sa" and no is "nie" (don't ask me where they came from)

lesson 3: verbs

the verb "to be" in Pekenian is "ze oba" and to have is "ze oava"

Now that i know them, how do i conjugate them?

NOTE: all other verbs follow the same pattern

jig (I) ob

dejin (you) obin

hire (he) obor

zer (she) obra

his (it) obus

wil (we) obdel

jire(you at plural) objao

ser (they) obdra

are there more verbs?

yes, and here is a list:

to make: mkaia

to have: oava

to record: filmkaia

to write: skreiva

to describe: weskreiva

to read: letera

to give: geba

to throw: verpa

to add: miza

to show: Seina

more coming soon!